Dentistry for Children

A  Child's first dental experiences is the most important step in establishing their attitude toward dentistry.  Prevention is the key to avoiding oral health problems and is an important step to keeping their natural teeth for a lifetime. Dr. Sokransky believes in giving the little ones time to adjust to the dental atmosphere and behavior techiques to get the needed treatment done. Our goal at VS Dental Group is that every child have a positive and relatively pain-free experience.


kid's First dental visit

We recognize that a child may be anxious about a visit to the dentist and we work with you to help explain what will happen during an examination or procedure.   An induvidualized plan will be made based on your child's special needs. Whether your child needs routine or special care, Dr. Sokransky will work with you to answer any questions and make sure your child is comfortable throughout examination and treatment.

preventive care

Our goal is to prevent and treat dental and gum diseases in kids and adolescents through routine exams, dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, and the application of protective dental sealants. We also provide education on caring for the teeth and gums and the importance of good dental hygiene habits. 

dental problems

Much of the child's procedures involve treating cavities with fillings; bondings, periodontal (gum) therapy. Kid specific procedures include pulp therapy to restore or maintain the teeth, gums, and dental tissues; caps or crowns to improve or restore the appearance of the teeth,  surgically assited eruption of teeth, and space maintainers.  Dental emergencies are seen promptly to care for any special situations.